CIP Project Design in Bryan, TX

M&S Engineering is the lead design firm for Bryan Texas Utility’s annual electric distribution capital improvement projects. By performing engineering design, staking, right-of-way acquisition, bill of materials development, and bid document preparation one fiscal year prior to construction, M&S is able to ensure the BTU CIP stays on schedule and within budget. M&S was assigned a wide variety of projects to include re-conductors, improvements to substation exits, 1/0 to 3/0 upgrades, and ampacity verification on underground feeders. All projects were completed and delivered to BTU on time, under budget, and to BTU’s standards.

Tasks relevant to the scope of work included:
• Engineering and plan preparation
• Staff augmentation
• Procurement services
• System planning participation in plan reviews, specification creation, and ordinance review
• Distribution line design
• Participation in bidding process
• Surveying and ROW acquisition
• System mapping services
• Traffic control plans

Garrett Armke
Spring Branch, TX
(830) 228-5446

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